‘New Girl’ season 3 spoilers: When will Schmidt choose between Cece, Elizabeth?

More news -Over the past two weeks, “New Girl” season 3 has created for itself a heck of a story when it comes to Schmidt. This is a man who has basically become his own version of “The Bachelor” with a pair of women to choose from in Cece and Elizabeth. The twist? He doesn’t really seem to be that rushed into picking either one of them; not only that, but neither one of them knows about the other still being in the picture. Heck, Elizabeth now thinks that Cece is a model / caterer, and Cece thinks Elizabeth is working at the same firm that Schmidt is.

But, the silliness of this story is about to be over. E! News reports that tonight’s episode will feature an important decision for Schmidt … or at least the two ladies making a decision for him. Obviously, the expected solution to such a ridiculous problem would be the two figuring it out and collectively deciding that Schmidt really does not get the opportunity to be with either one of them. This makes a lot of sense, and they get to leave with their own self-respect intact.

However, what we have clearly learned on this show over the years is that “New Girl” is not always a show that really does the expected. Take last week, for instance, when this story would have come to a head on most other shows. It’s possible that Schmidt really does make a choice, sticks with it, and then has to deal with the fallout a little later down the road. Given this show, they’re not just going to let him get away with this and he’ll pay for it like a villain in a “Scooby-Doo” cartoon.

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