‘Ink Master’ season 3 rankings: Can anyone beat Joey Hamilton?

Joey HamiltonIt’s been pretty clear now for the past few weeks that Joey Hamilton is the one to beat on “Ink Master” season 3 and since we’ve been doing these rankings he’s placed in the top every time. He’s consistently good, has gotten a great edit and is very likable and everyone wants a winner that they can root for. We have a pretty great group of artists in the final four, but with this week’s challenge focusing on each of the artists strengths and weaknesses, we will really see who is the top dog going into the finale next week. And with that… let’s see how our contestants stand in our minds.

4. Kyle: We love Kyle and have been a big supporter of his since the beginning. He is insanely talented, but not only that he’s the one artist in the competition that has been thrown a difficult tattoo almost every week. We actually think that Kyle is better then Tatu Baby and should be in the final three, but as we predicted in our other rankings we see Joshua and Kyle being the fall guys because of Tatu Baby being the producer’s pet this season.

3. Tatu Baby: Last season Tatu Baby went out in the final four, but this time around we see her making it to the final three, even though her work was so much better last season. We really like Tatu Baby, but ever since she threatened to quit we’ve had a hard time rooting for her. The judges over looking her mistakes and keeping her in the competition this long also hasn’t helped gain her any fans, but production obviously loves her, so we see her in the final three.

2. Jime: Even though he hasn’t always followed the purpose of a challenge (ie: doing new school for a proportions challenge), it’s easy to see that this guy is extremely talented and deserves to be in the top 2. We would’ve liked to have seen more of his work that isn’t new school, since he’s actually quite good at it, but we are happy with what we did get to see.

1. Joey: This guy is the clear winner and if he doesn’t win then this whole season was a waste. His Catwoman tattoo during the DC comic challenge was insane and the best tattoo we’ve seen on any season. He’s shown he can do many different styles, color, black and grey, great line work and so forth. He really deserves to win this season, hands down the best.

Who do you think is going to be in the final three for season 3 of “Ink Master”? Leave us a comment and tell us who you think is going to win and why they should. If you are looking for more new on this series just click here.

Photo: Spike TV

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