ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: New boss on changing course for Conrad, Charlotte

Conrad -It was clear after watching the premiere of “Revenge” season 3 that this show was going to be taking an extremely different direction in the creative. If you look back at many of the stories that were established at the end of season 2, including the arrest of Nolan, Charlotte’s pregnancy, and Conrad Grayson becoming Governor, many of them were wiped away during the span of this hour. Now, it is almost an opportunity to start fresh, and for new series boss Sunil Nayar to create the future that he wants for these people.

While we imagine that this decision could be polarizing to many out there, we actually enjoy the direction that the show seems to be heading in. There is a clear plan in place for many of the characters, and it is pretty easy to like what we are seeing because of it. Also, Nayar helped to explain some of the moves that he made in an interview with TVLine after the premiere, including some of the controversial ones.

On seemingly ending the political career of Conrad via a false Huntington’s Disease diagnosis – “Part of it was we didn’t want to trap Conrad in Albany all season. But we also wanted to set up a storyline where we see how wonderful Emily is at her takedowns. He didn’t just get taken out of the governorship — he believes he has [Huntington’s] disease. This was a bit of a nod to the pilot where she did the same thing to Conrad, but we took it a step further and made sure it had psychological and physical ramifications that will cause him to examine who he is and who he wants to be. So, in tandem with bringing him back to the Hamptons, where we certainly wanted him, we wanted to make sure that we [embarked] on a storyline that allowed us to get to know this man a little better that we have.”

On having Charlotte’s pregnancy not go to term – “It would have been really hard to pick up with Charlotte six months pregnant and try to think of stories that would come from that. We wanted her to mature a lot [this season]. As you saw in the premiere, she’s a very different Charlotte.”

Want an even greater sense as to what is coming up on “Revenge” season 3? Then just visit the link here, where you can see a preview for the next new episode.

Photo: ABC

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