‘American Horror Story: Coven’ spoilers: Debating the latest creepy teasers

The latest -Given that it has been a little while now since we last took a deep dive into the world of “American Horror Story: Coven,” why not take advantage of the opportunity to share some of the latest teasers released by FX?

“Writhing” – Clearly one of the stranger ones, given that there is nothing particularly worth noting here save for seeing a white dress turn red. Are we supposed to take this as some sort of bleeding? We want to hear some of your theories on the matter, but this is our current guess.

“Hair Don’t” – Either this is a very strange wig, we are being shown a clever camera trick here, or this person just so happens to have the sickest head of hair imaginable. We have the return of “House of the Rising Sun” sung in this promo, and the other noticeable thing here is the marking on the wrist. Is that similar to the marking that is on the ground? There is not enough of the ground shown for us to be able to know for sure, but this is certainly the current impression.

“Study Hall” – This is the promo that we for now really don’t quite understand at all. What is the big, horrifying secret at the end here, that these people didn’t want to take off their shoes? It is at least the one that is the most related to the plot, as the story at least in part revolves around a school for witches that is trying to keep the craft alive in a dying time.

These little teasers are all following up the official title sequence for “Coven” that premiere recently, and one that supposedly contains some more significant clues as to what is coming this season. Check it out here, in the event that you have not already.

Photo: FX

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