ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 1 review: Emily and Victoria work together; Conrad’s shock

Take a look -Ding dong, the Initiative is dead! The “Revenge” premiere aired on ABC tonight, and it did not take very long at all for the writers to scrap some of the nonsense from season 2. Then, they chose to speed on like a bullet-train to what looks to be a much stronger collection of episodes.

A Conrad Grayson shocker – It only took a good forty or so minutes before the first major event of the season took place, as newly-minted Governor Conrad Grayson passed out during Emily Thorne’s engagement party, and it was found out soon after that he was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. For a man who has done some terrible things, there is some irony in that he is now going out due to something like this, but as we learned, it may not be exactly what everyone thinks.

We assume that this means the end of his reign as Governor soon enough, and the reveal of his diagnosis to the press actually gave Emily and Conrad a chance to work together all of a sudden. Who was the source of the leak to the press? In their mind, it was none other than Ashley. She hopped aboard a plane in the end to likely never return, which is probably how this character is being written out of the story.

The “positive” for Emily and Daniel that comes out of this is that the two decided on August 8 as their official wedding date. Their party was lavish before the reveal; heck, even Nolan showed up.

Meet Patrick -Tonight, we said hello to Justin Hartley and his character of Patrick, otherwise known as Victoria’s secret son. There is really not too much to say about this right now, except for that he has quite a creepy relationship with her.

Jack’s ultimatum – Jack returned to the Hamptons after some time away, and he really wasted no time at all in trying to at first kiss Emily, then shun her, and then tell her to finish her plot by the end of the summer … and then leave for good.

The final shot this episode was the return of Aiden, and this could have some pretty big implications moving forward given that he claims he wants to take down “the girl next door.”

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Photo: ABC

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