‘True Blood’ season 7 debate: Our hopes for Ryan Kwanten, Jason Stackhouse

What's up ahead? -It has been a while since we’ve written a “True Blood” debate, and largely for one simple reason: We are doing our best to space these out during a lengthy offseason. But now that we know that the show will in fact be ending at the conclusion of season 7, we reckon to think that these debates are even more important than ever before.

So what could we see transpire here in the closing episodes of the series? The first, simple answer to that is violence, and plenty of it, but where does Jason Stackhouse fit in with all of this? The last we saw the character (one of the few humans left of any substance), he was being dragged around like a chew toy courtesy of Violet, his aggressive new vampire girlfriend. The two have been together for months, but they have still not been together the way in which he would like. Suffice it to say, Jason is learning to be quite the patient sort.

For most fans, the general consensus would not be for him to end up with this character. For about the past two years, it has looked instead that the endgame should be him and Jessica, who is seemingly now single since we did not see her vampire “friend” James around during the flash-forward. Will they have an opportunity to reconnect? They are still in Bon Temps, so probably; plus, the arrival of some walking dead-like vampire zombies could bring the characters together once again regardless of however much time that they have spent apart as of late.

But, remember that the show is one that loves to kill characters off. While we would be stunned if the series chose to take the relationship away from these two before the end, losing Jason would be one final way to devastate Sookie. If either he or Jessica is the one to die, we imagine that it would be Ryan Kwanten’s character, but at the same time, we still have a hard time imagining that we are ultimately going to end up losing either one of them.

What do you want to see happen with Jason on this final season? Be sure to share your thoughts below! Also, click here to see our recent piece on Sookie, or here for more on Eric Northman (who is going to be back for more).

Photo: HBO

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