‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 3 preview: See Cobie Smulders in a swordfight

More news -Who wants to see some violence erupt on “How I Met Your Mother”? Of course, by “violence” what we really mean is something as simple as watching some of your favorite characters pretend to battle each other using swords.

In the video below from tomorrow’s episode, somehow Robin and Lily get themselves mixed up in an epic sword fight, and it is one that includes Alyson Hannigan being forced to recite a line that she thinks to be from the “Princess Bride.” But, the in the words of Maxwell Smart, she missed it by that much. The only thing that she and Cobie Smulders are successful at in this scene is breaking a bottle of booze, which then leads into a mad scramble.

But we suppose that the question most fans are asking after viewing this is pretty simple: What exactly are we looking at here? Is this a flash-forward, a flashback, or some sort of alternate universe that Ted pictures would happen with his friends? The one thing we can eliminate is that it’s in the present, given that the characters are in Farhampton now preparing for the big wedding. What we could be looking at here is a situation revolving around some sort of liquor that may have been brought for the ceremony, which Lily and Robin know in secret is some sort of bizarre concoction that they put together in order to replace what they destroyed during their little fight.

What do you think about the video, and do you have a prediction as to when it might be taking place? We want to hear all of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, be sure to click here if you want to see some more video proof that there is still a crisis going on involving a “ringbear,” which is something Barney may have planned in order to destroy the wedding.

Photo: CBS

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