‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 4 preview: Charlie Hunnam’s ‘Wolfsangel’ meeting

Take a look -Every episode at this point is an integral one for “Sons of Anarchy”; therefore, to try and stress “Wolfsangel” as something more than an integral episode would be ridiculous. This is the one that should shed some light on the fate of Tig (Kim Coates) for one, but that’s an issue that we feel it best to probably not discuss for the time being; instead, why not talk about one of Jax Teller’s latest meetings?

For those of you wanting to see more of the Irish on the show this year, you’ll be pleased to know that they are going to have their presence felt in a large way this coming week and the photo attached here ultimately proves that. Gaalan has already appeared this season, but given that we are still dealing with the aftermath of the school shooting and Lee Toric is on a warpath, his presence could still be important in trying to unravel the present situation. They are all in some way connected, and so they must find a way to cover their tracks.

But is Jax metaphorically just spinning his wheels here, to use a motorcycle analogy? You have to consider that it is possible, given what the situation now is. We don’t see there being anyway that he can keep the walls from closing in on SAMCRO anymore, since there are not only so many outside factors looking to take the club down, but there are fractures and secrets within. Part of Tig’s own predicament right now is based on information that he did not share publicly with everyone, and unless Jax knows the full picture, he may not be able to help himself or anyone else. (Good luck to anyone trying to find out all of the secrets that are out there at this point.)

Whether it is in “Wolfsangel” or an episode that follows, be prepared to see the body count rise to new heights. You can read more about that at this link, and also be sure to read what Kim Coates has to say about Tig’s future on the show could be.

Photo: Fox

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