‘Real Housewives of Miami’ preview: Joanna Krupa and a ton of information

Did you watch? -Before we go any further when it comes to this “Real Housewives of Miami” preview, we might as well start things off here with a warning: You can’t un-see or un-hear anything that is below. Therefore, if you don’t want to hear intimate details of Joanna Krupa’s personal life, now is probably the time to stop reading.

Still with us? If that’s the case, let’s press onward here to talk a little bit about what you could see in the new episode airing on Bravo Monday night. Joanna and Romain are going to be hard at work trying to get the fire back in their relationship, and the video below specifically involves some role-playing that they are doing while at a sex therapist.

You can see some more details about that in the synopsis below, including what Joanna is also working on in hopes of resolving a long-standing conflict between her and another longtime cast member:

“Seeking some peace so they can focus on their wedding plans, Joanna and Adriana meet up to put an end to their ongoing feud. Meanwhile, Elsa returns home from the hospital and proves to be as feisty as ever. Joanna finally gets Romain to sex therapy where the therapist assigns them some provocative homework. Alexia and Peter visit an important place from their past in order to work through his anger issues. And Marysol plans a sophisticated bachelorette party for Adriana, but Adriana and Lisa have their own plans — back yard fires and unwanted strippers.”

So basically, this bachelorette party is going to end up the same way as many others do … and given that it is filmed for a TV show, we imagine that everyone saw this coming a mile away.

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Photo: Bravo

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