‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11 spoilers: What happens next with Amber Tamblyn

It begins -Did you enjoy having Amber Tamblyn on “Two and a Half Men” this past week? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that she is not going anywhere just yet. The actress will be back for more on Thursday night’s new episode, but there is going to be a nice little change-up in the living situation that makes this different than her just living in the house with Walden and Alan (which is probably what most everyone expected would go down).

One thing is still expected, though, when it comes to this show: A very crude episode title. The name for the one airing on Thursday night is “I Think I Banged Lucille Ball,” and the story will revolve in part around Tamblyn’s Jenny moving in with none other than her grandmother:

“When Walden feels cramped in his own house, Jenny moves in with Evelyn and her boyfriend, Marty. Meanwhile, Alan becomes Lyndsey’s ‘other man.'”

This living arrangement for Jenny is a luxury for the show only in that it makes it possible for her to recur more throughout the season, and not have her be a focus for an episode when she has no use. Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see that Alan has managed to find a way now to sink even lower … so it is possible for him to. Sometimes, we just wonder if this character is really just on a course to become as pathetic as possible before the series finale, and once you think that he has reached his low point, they then find a way to make him go even lower. How is Lyndsey (or anyone) going to really respect him?

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Photo: ABC

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