‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 2 preview: A photo, quote from Lily James

Take a look -Anytime that you join a show more than a couple of seasons into its run, there is one thing that you almost predictably end up seeing: Backlash. This is something that Lily James (pictured) has learned comes with the gig on “Downton Abbey.” Obviously, the biggest positive out of playing Lady Rose is that she has a new legion of fans around the world, and the prestige of the part may have been one of the reasons why she now has the role of Cinderella in an upcoming big-screen remake.

However, with fans coming haters, and she tells Wonderland Magazine in a new interview that she was confronted with quite a bit of nastiness after she originally signed up, including one comparison of her to as an “X Factor” judge who joined after Cheryl Cole left:

‘I got loads of nasty tweets when I started on the show. I got, “She’s not even pretty, she’s just nasty. 

“It was kind of taking over my life for a while. I think everyone liked Lady Sybil so much. When I checked one website they called me the ‘Tulisa of Downton’.”

The name that she was more commonly referred to here in America has been Cousin Oliver, a reference to a part that surfaced in “The Brady Bunch” late in the run in an effort to try and bring viewers more of what they loved at first with the show; however, it ended up backfiring in a big way and the show ended soon after that.

We don’t feel like Rose is a carbon-copy of Sybil or any other “Downton Abbey” character, and on Sunday night the tension is going to rise more than ever as Rose has a night on the town that turns disastrous. The photo that you see attached here is clearly of the actress in a little bit of a happier time.

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Photo: ITV

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