‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 spoilers: The body count (shocker!) shall rise

The latest -If you are a “Sons of Anarchy” fan, we imagine that you understand sarcasm when you see it. At this point, it is hardly much of a shocker at all to see the death of any character, whether it be a two-episode guest star or someone that has been a series regular since the beginning. After what transpired with Opie, we like to imagine that we have been conditioned to accept that death can happen to anyone. However, this expectation of death does not necessarily mean that we suffer no emotional fallout.

Case in point? If Tig dies on Tuesday night’s “Wolfsangel” (watch a promo for it here), we will write our episode review in between sniffles. The majority of these characters have done terrible things, but at the same time you feel an attachment to them. Tig’s not a villain on the show, and we cannot really sit here and think of any deaths that made us want to stand up and cheer. The one thing to remember here is that he is not the only character who could be leaving the land of the living soon.

E! News reports that there are going to be multiple deaths coming soon, though not necessarily in this upcoming episode, and that they could be minor characters or someone fairly important. It’s not the most descriptive tease in the world, but worth noting nonetheless. What will be just as important as the deaths themselves will be the reaction to the deaths. For example, what does Jax do if Tig is gone for good? This is not a show that offers much time to mourn and breathe; he has to worry about Lee Toric’s desperation to destroy SAMCRO, and him having the power of a D.A.’s office which is so desperate to show a measure of justice that they are willing to give him almost anything he wants.

By the end of this season, we certainly aren’t going to promise you happiness or peace for most of these characters. What we can assure you, based on past evidence, is that the roster you see now is not going to be the roster that you see then. Bodies will fall, and motivations will change. It is the way of the SAMCRO world.

Photo: FX

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