‘Shark Tank’ review: Breathometer, Kane & Couture, Man Medals, ‘Mango Mango’ Mango Preserves

The latest -On tonight’s “Shark Tank,” we had something for the taste buds and something for the tech geeks. There was money given to entrepreneurs in need, and then heartbreaking exits. We also had one of our favorite segments of the entire series’ courtesy of some mango-loving ladies who gave one of the best presentations that they possibly could for a product that is very hard to succeed with.

If you are new to reading our “Shark Tank” reviews, what we do here is pretty simple: We give you our individual take on everything that is shown off on the night, link to the products for your browsing convenience, and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on all of them below.

“Mango Mango” Mango Preserves – We wrote about this product in our preview for this episode, and we have to say that their presentation was a million times better than what their website looks like (which was a little confusing). The best thing that we can say here first of all is that their product looks delicious, and they really sold this well.

The major reason that we don’t think that a deal was made here is simple: The three ladies in charge of the business were insistent on watching over production themselves, and had a margin that was unfavorable. This is more dangerous than anything, regardless of how tasty a product may be. Robert Herjavec in particular seemed almost heartbroken to not offer them a deal, saying that it was his favorite product of anything that he has seen over the years, and he would hate himself if he were to steer them in the wrong direction. No deal.

Breathometer – This is a brilliant product. Absolutely brilliant. In an age where staying sober is more important than ever, this app actually will serve as a more portable breathalyzer that you attach to your phone, and you can even use it to hail a cab if you are in need of one. It’s not a replacement for good judgment, but this is something that could sell millions to responsible drivers out there who want to stay safe on the road.

In the end, the offer was one that this guy would be completely out of his mind to turn down. You can have all five sharks for 30%. All five! It is a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but they have a small-enough percentage that you still have the power. Thankfully, this is a smart man. Deal with all five Sharks for $1 million and 30%, with Mark Cuban owning 15%.

Man Medals – Okay, so this is completely stupid: A product designed to report guys for doing things that any civilized person would do. It’s a novelty product, and we’ll at least give the guy some credit for coming up with a pretty hilarious presentation, which included a male model who basically emulated him at every turn. But this was one of those things that felt like he invented it just to come on “Shark Tank” and sell it … and also ask for a stupidly-large amount of money. No deal, and no kidding.

Kane & Couture – This is one that we are torn about. Fancy dog products are huge right now, and people spend money on them like they are the most valuable things in the world (we know, we are dog owners). but there are so many problems here. The name here is cute, but there is so much competition in this field. The projection here is also through the roof and unrealistic. Also, Kevin O’Leary hates dogs.

The people who were really best for this business to partner with anyway were Lori Greiner and Daymond, and luckily, they were the two that were in contention here. They liked the product, and felt like she simply needed some reality and education. Maybe she will get that. Deal with Lori and Daymond, but with a contingency based on orders

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