‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Simon Baker’s hilarious take on Jane, Lisbon

The latest -In the world of television, it can be pretty easy to get carried away with relationships and pairings between fictional characters. With that in mind, is it possible that we are all getting a little bit carried away right now when it comes to the Jane / Lisbon relationship on “The Mentalist“? It’s certainly possible, especially when you consider that relationships really have not been on Patrick Jane’s mind much at all. Instead, he’s spent almost all of his time obsessing over trying to solve the case of Red John.

While we know that the two characters are going to at least explore the possibility of there being feelings when this case is closed come midseason, we personally feel like Simon Baker has the best perspective on this as humanly possible. Just check out his latest comment to Entertainment Weekly if you don’t believe us:

“Do they look at each other and go, ‘Jesus you’re annoying’ or do they look at each other and go ‘Let’s lay down and make love.”

Translation? Jane has been so focused on what he has been trying to do when it comes to the John case that dealing with something like romance has become completely out of his mind. Getting rid of the case will enable him to enter some social situations with a clear head, and that is a pretty exciting prospect as the show hopes to continue to keep viewers excited moving into the end of the season. When you are closing the door on something like this, you almost have to work extra hard to ensure that there is still some excitement.

Want to get another perspective on what life after Red John could be like for Jane and some more of these characters? Then click here for some words from series boss Bruno Heller on the subject.

Photo: CBS

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