‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5 spoilers: What Candice Accola’s Caroline does in premiere

The latest -Who says that “The Vampire Diaries” is absent of comedy completely? While the show may at times have a knack for getting dark and serious, there are also some moments of levity, and it looks like one of them is going to come via Caroline during the show’s season 5 premiere.

According to E! News, Candice Accola’s character is going to come up with a way in which to turn down a frat guy during the show’s first episode back on Thursday night which is in a word, laugh-inducing. Granted, we’re sure that in real life, the frat guy would not feel this way at all, but since we don’t know him (and he may also be a total d-bag), it is hardly difficult to hate on Caroline in the slightest for sending a mystery man on his way. Plus, you have to consider in here the reason in which she is doing it: She wants to stay faithful to Tyler Lockwood, who was not even around for most of last season.

Just in case you have not heard already, you are not going to be seeing any of Tyler during the premiere on Thursday night, either. He will not be gone forever, and even when he does come back, you can expect there to be some stories that make it so that there is no paradise for him and his longtime love just yet. This is “The Vampire Diaries,” after all, and one thing that we have learned is that having romances that go the test of time can really come across as rather boring.

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Photo: The CW

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