‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 spoilers: Emilia Clarke to spend significant screen time with…

The latest -Just in case you were somewhat curious as to how “Game of Thrones” was really going to tackle covering so much material in season 4, especially when so many prominent characters are not even featured in it, we now have your answer: They are going to do more jumping around from one book to the next perhaps than with any other year that the show has been on the air so far.

According to Entertainment Weekly, British actor Joel Fry (“10000 BC”) has been cast to play the important role of Hizdahr zo Loraq in season 4. In case you are wondering, this is a name that we will never try to pronounce ever, and is described by the website (for those non-readers of the George R.R. Martin series) as “a young scion of an ancient Meereenese family who crosses paths with Daenerys Targaryen.”

Personally, we see this casting as extremely significant when it comes to showing us that HBO is planning to really keep the show on track so that it averages out be a book from the Martin series per season, as they are fast-tracking at least part of Daenerys’ story so that she is not left out entirely here. The character is not featured prominently in A Feast of Crows, and HBO surely does not like the idea of a season without Emilia Clarke as a major part of the cast. Given that they are bringing this story up a little earlier on the show than in the books, though, you do have to wonder the all-important question: If season 5 concludes more or less A Dance with Dragons, what will be done with the show while we wait for Martin to finish more books? We presume that it will go on hiatus, but the problem of course arises with some young actors aging.

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