‘MasterChef Junior’ premiere preview: Can this satisfy your ‘MasterChef’ appetite?

The latest -Remember when Fox had a good thing with “American Idol,” and they decided to create a series for children in “American Juniors”? Well, the results of that did not go particularly well. The show was a ratings disappointment, though for a fun fact it did actually feature future “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale as a member of its cast.

Now, the network is doing the same thing with “MasterChef” in launching a new edition for the younger crowd in “MasterChef Junior.” While you have a much different crop of contestants taking part, can’t the results still be fantastic? We suppose that the appeal of this show will be seeing what some of the brightest young minds out there can be doing when it comes to food. There could be some humor and the judges are sure to be nicer, and with the show airing on Friday nights, it is hardly like Fox is taking a major risk here with this.

The biggest concern that we have is when the show comes on the air, that everything almost immediately feels desensitized in order to make it okay for kids. We don’t want to see it be overly preachy about healthy food (a small amount is good), and we also don’t want to see many elements of it dumbed down. Without watching any of the show yet, it is still a little early to see what sort of trials the pint-sized versions of Christina and Luca could be going through.

One thing that we do know? That sometimes, winning isn’t everything, and that is a lesson that these kids could learn a thing or two from. We remember speaking to Luca this season, when he told us that he was “going to work towards” his dream of having a restaurant really regardless of how well he fared in the end. Basically, he was just hoping for the show to provide him with the platform. If some of these kids come into this with the right mindset, then they can learn like sponges and take a step closer to becoming the chefs of tomorrow (or in about a decade or so, if we’re being realistic).

Check back Friday night, as we’re going to have a full review of the premiere!

Photo: Fox

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