‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 3 preview: Is anything better for Callie and Arizona?

What's next? -After watching the two-hour “Grey’s Anatomy” premiere, all we really wanted to see was a glimmer of hope for Callie and Arizona that the two could find a way to start to work through many of their differences. Did we find it? Not exactly. Instead, what we have here is a case of two people who are possibly getting even further apart, and for some reasons that are beyond understandable.

The title for this episode next Thursday is “Everybody’s Crying Mercy,” which feels very appropriate given the situation. We are going to see Arizona crying out for some sort of forgiveness, only to likely receive none in the process. Just read the full synopsis below if you want a quick tease:

“Meredith and Derek adjust to life at home with a newborn but find it difficulty being away from the hospital; Arizona tries to takes steps to fix her broken marriage; Alex and Jo navigate through their new relationship; and Owen clashes with Jackson over financial issues at the hospital. Meanwhile, April anxiously awaits her boards results.”

Now, here’s the funny part: If you watch the promo below, you’d get the feeling that everyone is happy-go-lucky and in one of the best places of their lives. Cristina and Owen are still having “fun,” Alex and Jo are trying to find the right time to sleep together, and you have the sort of cheerful music that this show is known to use to lure you into a false sense of “all is going to be okay.” But is it really ever okay? Well … you know the answer to that if you’re a fan of this show.

What do you want to see next week? Share your theories below! Meanwhile, click here if you have a hankering to check out our full review of the two-hour premiere.

Photo: ABC

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