‘Glee’ season 5, episode 1 review: Are Darren Criss, Chris Colfer’s Kurt and Blaine engaged?

The latest -Glee” clearly had itself a strange summer, and while we were hoping to sit here and write a triumphant review of the show’s return to TV tonight, we have to stay instead that this was a bit of a mess. There was really no explanation about the Ryder cliffhanger, there was no real explanation as to how much time had passed, and Santana and Rachel suddenly found themselves working jobs. Oh, and Sue Sylvester managed to take Principal Figgins’ job.

If you look back to season 1, what made this show so special was the fantasy of the musical numbers, and how they worked within what was otherwise a somewhat-realistic show. It stated to teeter off the rails somewhat during season 1, and then by season 3 it was pure cheese. We still dig some of the characters, but the show doesn’t really make any effort at all to make sense anymore. Until the last five minutes, we thought that we would have a serious frown on our face.

The first highlight of the entire episode may have actually been the blooming relationship between Artie and Kitty, mostly because that is something that happens in real life that you like someone, but are embarrassed about it and try to hide it for the time. Hooray for realism on this show! Tina tried to play not-so-nice at the end, but these two are an open couple now, which means that Artie may actually have a love interest that lasts for a while (albeit one that felt random before this past finale).

Of course, we did also have the story of Blaine trying to propose to Kurt. We’re happy to see Klaine back together, but why do the same thing that Finn and Rachel tried, especially when we just saw that happen not too long ago? The funny thing was that Kurt saw it coming, and that Burt seemed to actually campaign for Kurt to let it happen if he cared for him … even if he was young. The proposal was completely over-the-top, but we gotta say that we really did get a little choked up. In the end, this was so much fun and so sweet that we didn’t care if it was over-the-top. In the end Kurt accepted the marriage proposal and they are engaged.

The last thing that we have to say here is that it felt odd that Finn was really not mentioned at all; we know it’s uncomfortable and sensitive, but he is such a part of this family that it was jarring.

Overall, what did you think about the “Glee” premiere? We’re going to post a preview for next week’s episode soon, so be sure to stay tuned. Update: You can see a promo for next week here!

Photo: Fox

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