‘The Crazy Ones’ premiere review: Kelly Clarkson, James Wolk steal the show

The Crazy Ones -Robin Williams is back with his new comedy called “The Crazy Ones” and with Sarah Michelle Gellar on board playing his daughter we have high expectations for this show. We really love Robin Williams, but more so when his comedy isn’t the over the top and wacky kind, so we are hoping for that brand of humor to come out in this series.

The story is of Simon Roberts (Williams) and his daughter Sydney (Geller) who are the tops dogs at an advertising agency, but with Simon being wacky and uncontrollable, tensions run high between him and his daughter who is serious and hard nosed when it comes to getting the job done.

While we love the chemistry between Williams and Geller, the character of Simon is so over the top wacky that we can’t see actual clients ever trusting him to take on their advertising needs in fear that he may decided to hide all day and play rock’em sock’em robots.

The other issue that we see is that there will be some major comparisons to “Mad Men” since both shows are about advertising firms (and both shows have James Wolk in them). We know that one of them is a comedy and one is a serious drama, but they both have focuses on the same types of scenes like the pitch to the clients. We’ve seen Don Draper think on his feet and give an amazing pitch about a product that actually made us want to buy it ourselves, where as Simon Roberts pitch to McDonalds was just regurgitating their very first commercial and making it modern. Not very innovative or creative and we certainly weren’t craving a Big Mac afterwards.

One thing that we really loved was the guest appearance from Kelly Clarkson. She was funny, smart and we loved her “sexy make over” attitude. We thought that Williams would be the one that had us rolling on the floor, but it was Clarkson and Wolk that really stole the show tonight.

What did you think of “The Crazy Ones” premiere? Leave us a comment and let us know if this is a show you will watch again.

Photo: CBS

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