‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: An Emma scene that could mean quite a bit

Emma as hero -Are you anxious to find out about what is coming up on the “Once Upon a Time” premiere? Let’s say this: If you are a major fan of Emma Swan, you are probably going to be feeling quite giddy by the time the first few episodes of the show airs.

According to a new report from E! News, the first few minutes of the first episode back are going to be of the “can’t miss” variety. So what are we talking about here? We will be going back in time eleven years (coincidentally to right around the time of Henry’s birth), and learning something very new about the character. While this could leave you feeling rather shocked, the sad news is that you could be waiting for quite a while to get answers on it. A nice comparison could be the way season 2 opened with Neal Cassady in New York, which was something that we did not have answers on until many weeks later. (The openings to “Revenge” seasons are another good example of this technique.)

While Emma is going through her fair share of troubles (possibly behind bars) in the flashback, the flash-forward is going to revolve around something very different indeed. She will be aboard a ship in an effort to rescue Henry, though she will be traveling to a place in Neverland where you really need to have an imagination to survive. This is worlds away from Storybrooke, which is not going to have much of a presence at all for at least the first two episodes.

Want to know more about the premiere? Then just click here, where you can find out just how long it could be before Peter Pan first turns up on the scene. The show returns to ABC on Sunday night, and we will have more scoop before then.

Photo: ABC

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