‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 1 preview: Charlie Sheen in powder form

The latest -Okay, let’s start this “Two and a Half Men” article out with a reminder for all of those who have somehow forgot: Charlie Sheen’s character is dead, and for whatever reason, Walden Schmidt continues to let the guy’s brother Alan live at his house. Charlie’s remains are now in an urn in powder form, and we’re pretty sure that there is a good joke in here somewhere.

During tonight’s premiere of the long-running CBS hit, we are going to have a new connection to Charlie Harper arrive via his daughter Jenny, who shows up out of the blue and decides to connect with some of her past. Alan therefore decides to show her the urn, and we quickly see a gag that is as stale as the show is at the times: The ol’ “I spilled the remains everywhere” bit. The one thing that does make this a little more interesting is the joke that Alan makes after the fact.

Just from this scene alone, we have hope for Amber Tamblyn in the Jenny role, since she seems to be funny and game to take part in a little bit of silliness. Even though she is trying to have a conversation with an urn, she does still take it reasonably seriously, and does make us want to root for her. There is still a wilder side to this character, though, and that is something that we will see a little bit more of later in this episode and for the rest of the time she is around. There is no guarantee just yet that she will become a full-fledged series regular; we imagine that the producers are waiting to gauge reaction.

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Photo: CBS

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