‘The Michael J. Fox Show’ premiere: Fox is back and he’s bringing the funny

The latest -Michael J. Fox has always someone that we’ve found incredible endearing, but more then that he’s absolutely hilarious, so we had high expectations with the premiere and second episode (airing back to back) of his new series “The Michael J. Fox Show”. Did it live up to our expectations?

Fox is still as funny as he ever was and the premiere episode set up the story line perfectly while introducing the cast in a fun exciting way. The jokes about his Parkinson’s disease were light and tasteful making us feel like we were part of his story. Fox’s boss was hilarious and we love the self made rivalry that Fox has in his head with Matt Lauer.

The second episode is where things got a little awkward. Betsy Brandt plays his supportive wife and for the first episode treated his Parkinson’s disease as a secondary factor to how she felt about him, so when the plot of the second episode was Fox developing a crush on his hot upstairs neighbor and then trying to keep it from his wife, we weren’t sure what was going on here since the first episode set these two up as unbreakable. Things got progressively more confusing when he tries to set up his boss with this woman in an attempt to show his wife that he doesn’t have a crush her, but while on their double date Fox spent the whole night coming onto the neighbor and showing his wife a lot of disrespect. When he finally admitted that he had this crush, we expected Brandt’s character to be a little more upset at the way she was treated, but instead she was fully supportive of him.

With sitcom wives mostly being pushovers that always stand by their man, we were kind of hoping for something a little different here. We get that Fox’s character has Parkinson’s disease, but they’ve already set up that his family isn’t treating him any different, so why would his wife be okay with him coming on to another woman in front of her, in their house? He tells her that since he got the disease he’s felt unattractive, but his wife has been all over him in both episodes, so it’s not like he wasn’t getting the attention at home.

Over all we found “The Michael J. Fox Show” to be very funny and we really like all of the characters, but we want to see a stronger version of Brandt’s character that will put Fox in his place when he gets out of hand. It will make for a much richer relationship and as a viewer, something that we can relate to.

What did you think of the first two episodes of “The Michael J. Fox Show”? Leave us a comment and tell us what you liked about the show.

Photo: NBC

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