‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5 spoilers: Kat Graham on possible future of Bonnie, Jeremy

More news -Are you going to see some more of Bonnie and Jeremy together on “The Vampire Diaries” season 5? It sure sounds like it. While we cannot sit here with a straight face and guarantee that you are going to be seeing the characters actually get back together in the new year, we can at least say that their relationship is going to grow. If you imagine the last time that happened courtesy of someone dying, we have a feeling that it is pretty rare.

Luckily, it appears like it is still going to happen here within the realm of Mystic Falls, and Kat Graham says the main reason why is simple: She’s not going to be able to communicate with anyone other than Steven R. McQueen’s character, so of course that is going to be who she ends up bonding with the most. Just read her full comments below via TV Guide:

“It creates this intense intimacy, even as a friend, that they never had before.┬áThere were always distractions and they weren’t ever forced to always just ‘be.’ You’ll see a lot of us working together early on in the season.”

You could end up seeing Bonnie and Jeremy really working together for the entirety of the season, at least based on the answer to one important question: Is Jeremy going to ever tell anyone that his ex-girlfriend is dead? The only reason he’s not doing it in the premiere is because of her own wishes, and he is just waiting for her to come forward and say that it is okay. Unfortunately, what we are learning now is that this waiting may take a while, and the longer Jeremy waits, the worse it in turn is going to be for him when Elena and Caroline find out he’s been keeping the secret. We understand Bonnie’s motives, but she is also being a little selfish.

Just in case all of this talk about death is feeling a little bit heavy, head over to the link here. It is at this place that you can see a funny video featuring Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder.

Photo: The CW

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