NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5 spoilers: The latest mystery revealed

The latest -The fifth episode of “Community” season 5 is turning out to be quite an intriguing one. Why is that? It all really boils down to one simple thing: It is the exit episode for Donald Glover’s character of Troy.

How Troy goes out is something that there is understandably quite a bit of curiosity over. After all, it doesn’t quite make sense in our head why Troy would ever want to abandon Abed or the Study Group; they have become his family, and a source of joy for him after being forced to live almost in a facade for a long time where he was nothing more than a “jock.”

According to TVLine, the latest addition to this episode is a student reporter, who is going to be pressing a professor hard during some sort of “time of crisis.” Before we even try to fathom what this crisis could be, we just have to say that we hope the professor being grilled is John Oliver’s Ian Duncan. There is not exactly any other member of the faculty out there that is quite as inclined to frequent bouts of panic.

There has already been news put out there for Shirley’s kids, and this time around they are going to be in their early teens … and they are going to be of a musical persuasion. So let’s try to connect the dots a little bit here: We have music, and we have a crisis. Now if only Taran Killam would come back, then we could have a repeat of that brilliant / insane Christmas episode that was a lengthy spoof of “Glee.” (In reality, Killam is probably going to be heavily used on “Saturday Night Live” this year with some of the other guys out of the picture.)

What are your theories for this episode, and how do you want to see Glover go out? Be sure to share below!

Photo: NBC

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