‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10, episode 1 preview: Is Chief Webber the only person in danger?

More news -Over the course of the entire summer, the biggest cliffhanger in regards to the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 10 premiere has been whether or not we would be seeing James Pickens Jr.’s character of Chief Webber live to see the light of day. For a pretty significant stretch of time, it certainly was not looking good that he was going to be able to make it through. After all, this was a man that was electrocuted, and then left in the generator room without help.

Luckily, someone else is on the way here to lend a helping hand, but now even they may be in trouble. Heather also finds herself electrocuted and on the floor in the sneak peek below, which means that the possible death toll has now risen up to two. The doctors are going to have to not only try and find both of these two, but then assess if they are going to be able to live through this.

If Webber does make it through this alive, there is of course a question worth asking: How much longer is he going to stay at the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital? He’s a man that has surely made plenty of money for retirement at this point, and after getting through this sort of situation, we’re not sure he would want to be in harm’s way anymore. Of course, we still have to wait and see whether or not he makes it out of here first.

While these questions should be resolved during the premiere, there are others that will be ticking away for some time. One of those? Figuring out just what the relationship status is going to be for Cristina and Owen. The photo over here shows that they are talking things out, but given that we know Sandra Oh is leaving after this year, it must not have a particularly wonderful ending.

Photo: ABC

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