‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 4 preview: ‘Wolfsangel,’ meaning, and SAMCRO on edge

Sons of Anarchy -Next week’s “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 episode is hopefully going to begin with something that was not fully presented during tonight’s “Poenitentia”: Answers. Is Tara really pregnant, and if so, how will Jax react to the news? Meanwhile, is Tig really about to be at the end courtesy of a showdown with August? Kurt Sutter has said that he likes to compose his seasons in mini-arcs to go along with the larger story, and judging on that, the next two episodes in particular are going to be gigantic when it comes to what takes place moving forward in the rest of the series.

Next week’s episode is entitled “Wolfsangel,” which can be though of as as a form of Nazi paraphernalia, or literally, a trap used at times to catch wolves. (We wrote a full piece about it earlier this year.) As per usual when it comes to this show, the official synopsis barely reveals much at all.

“An attack at the compound leads SOA to seek revenge.”

As for the promo below, it may not reveal too much from a story standpoint, but you can tell that Otto is going to be back around again, and there will also be an epic shootout that leads to a very somber moment at the end when it comes to Charlie Hunnam and company. It is easy to assume the worst, but if there is one thing we have learned over the years, it is this: Never trust a promo to give you something definitive. The producers much prefer you to wait a little while longer.

While this season has been imperfect at times, there is little doubting that Sutter and company have once again composed something compelling, and something that makes us question just how far people will go for their own misguided view of life.

Obviously, we do as always want to read some of your theories on next week’s episode. You can click here for our full review of “Poenitentia.”

Photo: FX

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