‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 spoilers: Rob James-Collier teases Thomas’ new twisted ways

The latest -During the “Downton Abbey” season 4 premiere over the weekend, we basically had an opportunity to see Thomas basically do what it is that he does best. What is that exactly? Basically, cause as much mayhem as humanly possible. We saw him get the nanny fired starting because of his disdain for her behavior, though it turned out almost via luck that this was in fact the best decision for everyone.

But what comes next? Basically, we are going to find out that Thomas really has not learned too much from all that meddling even though it is something that he really should avoid. For more evidence, just take a look at what he had to say in a new stv interview:

“He’s auditioning applicants for people to be his eyes and ears on the floor, particularly in the ladies’ chamber, so he can know all the goings-on at Downton Abbey so he can use it to his own advantage.

“He isn’t humbled by what happened last series at all. He should be but he isn’t, and I think it’s boredom. He’s trying to make his mundane life more exciting by trying to find out the gossip, seeing who he can pit against each other, twisting people ‘s lives and trying to destroy mankind. So watch out!”

In other words, this is going to be fun. With O’Brien no longer around, Thomas needs a new person that he can spread a little bit of gossip with, and we’re pretty sure that the only people that he will avoid at this point are Jimmy and Alfred, for obvious reasons. May his candidate be a new character? That is something that will hopefully be uncovered more in the episodes ahead.

What do you want to see from Thomas on “Downton Abbey”? Click here if you want to watch a preview for next week’s episode, and stay tuned: We’ll have much more in the way of details as they become available.

Photo: ITV

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