‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 spoilers: Howling like a wolf

What's next? -Even though “Grey’s Anatomy” has already in one way dealt with ghosts (in a story that has become almost the Lord Voldemort of the show’s history), they are not going to suddenly become like “Teen Wolf” and feature characters transforming into supernatural beasts. With that being said, though, at least one upcoming episode is going to feature a character who seems to believe that they have suffered a bite from a werewolf.

According to E! News, this person is going to whole-heartedly believe that they were a victim of a werewolf attack, and they are going to press a certain skeptical doctor to the point where they start to become potentially dangerous in their own right. There’s no word yet as to who the doctor in question here is going to be, but it is certainly not hard to believe that any of these characters would have some doubts over whether or not such an attack was possible … let alone the creature even existing.

It has been a long time coming, but starting on Thursday night “Grey’s Anatomy” is finally going to be back on the air with a new episode entitled “Seal Our Fate.” This will help to tell the tale as to whether or not Richard Webber is alive, and what the state is for a number of our favorite couples. we’re going to be here with some scoop every step of the way over the next 48 or so hours, including some sneak peeks as to what to expect.

Of course, “Grey’s Anatomy” has already been in the headlines this week for some completely different reasons, as Ellen Pompeo recently blasted the Emmys for their lack of diversity. Come Thursday night, the attention will shift back to the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, and given all the stories that there are to tell here, it could have a hard time transitioning back to being about anything else for quite a while.

Photo: ABC

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