NBC’s ‘Hannibal’ season 2 spoilers: Series boss on more action, surprises, and more

The latest -While it may still be a rather long time until “Hannibal” season 2 arrives on television, it’s never too early to start talking about what could lie ahead, right? This is at least our thought process in sharing some of the latest scoop from a guy in Bryan Fuller who has some pretty exciting things planned. He had an opportunity to see what fans appreciated most about the first 13 episodes (which are worth going back and watching, for those curious), and he now seems to be using that in the creation of some of the upcoming stories.

In teasing some of his plans to “Entertainment Tonight,” Fuller (who we consider in particular to be one of TV’s great visual geniuses) did his best to describe just how he envisions the story for the new year being akin to almost a speeding bullet:

“I’m excited to strap them into the rocket and set it off. The first seven episodes have an arc to them that moves very nicely and quickly. We cover a lot of territory. New characters come in, existing characters die horribly and we kind of established this great ensemble of characters; fromĀ Gillian AndersonĀ to Gina Torres and Eddie Izzard, I’m thrilled that the world keeps expanding while still very much feeling like the story between Jack Crawford, Will Graham and Hannibal; that bromantic triangle. All of the other pieces around them are accelerants to the drama and I’m excited about that. The first season had a slow boil to it and we have a much more bubbly, frothy pot on the stove in season two.”

While we’re thrilled about all of the new faces popping up on the show, there is clearly one part of this quote that does have us somewhat concerned: The part about there being characters that “die horribly.” Does that seem like a reason to be nervous? We imagine so.

If you want to read about another new guest star for the season in Cynthia Nixon, be sure to click here. “Hannibal” season 2 should return in the spring.

Photo: NBC

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