‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 9, episode 3 preview: ‘The Walking Old’

What's next? -If you look back at the hour-long “How I Met Your Mother” season premiere from last night, what you really had was ultimately a tale of two halves. The first part of the evening was rather hilarious and also insightful, as we had an opportunity to see the Mother meet Lily, and for us to see the start of Marshall trying to reenact “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” in order to make it back to Long Island in time. However, the second part was devoid of some laughter, and it also felt a little bit more like the show really did not have enough footage to make it 22 more episodes.

Well, we are really going to see just what happens courtesy of a key episode arriving next: “The Walking Old.” Specifically, the promo below is referring to all of Barney and Robin’s elderly relatives who show up and try to turn the entire occasion into something that is very dull and also cramp their style (which Barney cares about so very much).

There are a few interesting things to remember when it comes to this episode:

1. This episode was originally the fourth of the season, but was later switched around with the third. This means that whatever happens here is independent of that story.

2. Many of the guest stars for this season, including Wayne Brady, will be around a little more often thanks to the timeline as currently constructed.

3. We are still waiting for the story with Ted and the locket to really come into play, and until it does, this will really be the dark cloud that hangs menacingly over the rest of the occasion.

You can read the reviews that we composed for the premiere starting at the link here, and be sure to come back soon for more on the subject of the show’s final season.

Photo: CBS, video via SpoilerTV

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