‘The Bachelor’ notes: Juan Pablo Galavis, Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici

Juan Pablo -Before we do anything else related to “The Bachelor” today, why not start with an update when it comes to Juan Pablo Galavis? The former soccer player is filming “The Bachelor” now, and after being somewhat more open about a few more details during the last two filming periods for the show, we’re getting the impression this time around based on Twitter activity that production is a little more hush-hush.

Personally, our opinion on that is mixed. Of course, we love getting the little teasers from the season, but at the same time we’re really not a fan of getting the entire season spoiled before the show even premieres. Were this contained to just a few simple sites, it would be one thing; however, what tends to happen is that whenever a spoiler is posted, thousands of people run with it and it eventually becomes so omnipresent that you cannot avoid it. To think, last year it was made even more insane since the spoilers were wrong and most people had to sit there and eat humble pie,

We’re not going to sit here and bash spoilers; we get that some people like to watch that way, but it’s not our own personal cup of tea or the purpose of this site.

As for Sean and Catherine – Since we haven’t talked about them in a while, why not have a little update to show that the couple is still going strong? Last week, Catherine Giudici celebrated on Instagram her one-year anniversary of starting to film “The Bachelor” with Sean Lowe, and they are very much still happy today. They’re back now to living something more of a normal life, and there are no signs of trouble at all. Heck, Sean even came up with an official “couple name” (albeit a couple of months late) recently: “Filipinlowe.”

If you do want to read some more scoop related to “The Bachelor,” we want to be your resource! Just be sure to click here, and stay tuned for some more scoop from filming.

Photo: ABC

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