‘Dexter’ spin-off rumors: Boss confirms no Desmond Harrington – David Zayas series

The latest -If there is some sort of “Dexter” spin-off coming in the near future, we can now more or less confirm that it is not going to star any of the regular characters who have been a part of the show over the years. Therefore, don’t expect a buddy-cop story featuring Quinn (Desmond Harrington) or Batista (David Zayas), or potentially a dating guide composed by Masuka (C.S. Lee), who was still tragically ignored through most of the final episode.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Scott Buck confirmed that “we won’t see the current cast again” when asked whether or not some of the rumors surrounding Quinn or some other characters were true.

Therefore, we are really just left now with the possibility that if there is a spin-off show, the stars of it are probably going to be someone like either Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) and her now adopted son Harrison, or one around another recent supporting character in Sean Patrick Flanery’s Jacob Elway, who is still very much alive even if he failed at what he was hoping to do here. His story is one that is probably the least-messy to tell, but we also don’t know what would make it interesting.

Ultimately, we don’t think there is going to be a spin-off in any form at this point. With the reaction to the series finale being what it is, which is decidedly negative and disappointed, we can’t see Showtime throwing a ton of money into a new show when so many “Dexter” fans were upset over what they just saw. Had the finale been well-received, we might have been looking at a somewhat different story here. It’s probably better just to have all parties move on to the next big thing.

Click here if you do want to hear what one of the “Dexter” bosses had to say about a Hannah series, and we’ll have more as it becomes available.

Photo: Showtime

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