‘Glee’ season 5: See Darren Criss, Naya Rivera star in faux Beatles covers

Take a look -On Thursday night, “Glee” season 5 begins with two episodes that are clearly dedicated to one of the most influential groups in the history of music: The Beatles. If you identify yourself as a Gleek, then odds are already are very familiar with the story, and also some of the songs.

So what we are doing today is sharing you a pair of mock covers that Fox has created order to promote the show (which were first posted by Entertainment Weekly). We have to say that when it comes to the actual look and appeal, this one, a play on “Let It Be,” is not the greatest thing in the world. Marley’s head looks like it is facing a different direction than the rest of her body, and the Santana and Will photos especially seem to be ripped straight from promotional photos that the pair did in season 4 with different backgrounds put on them. Think of it as a good (but not great) PhotoShop job.

Abbey Road -As for the other one, we personally find it to be much more interesting and well-done. Darren Criss takes on the mustard pants well, and it almost feels perfect that Sam of all people is the one that goes for the shoeless look. Even the longer hair makes him appear almost like one of the late-era Beatles.

In the end, this is at least a cool idea for the show to try out as it looks to promote the Beatles episode using as much fun and 1960s flair as possible. We’re personally glad that the Cory Monteith tribute is being handled as something separate, given the level of sadness there and that there have also been a number of tributes to it already.

Want to listen to some music from the “Glee” premiere? A good starting point is at this link, but be sure to keep checking back: We’re going to provide plenty more in the way of tunes over the course of the coming days.

Photo: Fox

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