‘NCIS’ season 11: This time, Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette go for laughs

More news -Typically when we are a couple of days away from a season premiere of any network show, we get a few sneak peeks that we are able to share. However, things are being done a little bit differently with “NCIS,” and largely for good reason. CBS knows that they have a major story on their hands here with Cote de Pablo’s exit, and they do not want to do anything that spoils it (even though more of her storyline is actually contained in the second episode more so than the first).

So instead of that, most of what we have now when it comes to the show is just pure silliness … which we don’t really mind from time to time. We posted previously about some of Michael Weatherly’s promos with the CBS Eye Guy, and the latest one below also features a prominent appearance from the woman behind Abby in Pauley Perrette. It doesn’t tell you about the show, and it’s not entirely revolutionary, but, it is pretty funny. Just be sure to watch until the very end, since Weatherly comes out with a great joke out of nowhere.

The thing that we really take from these promos more than anything else is that Michael and Pauley each seem to love their job working on the show and with CBS, which they must in order to stick with it after more than a decade. While it’s a large commitment and covers much of the year, this sort of gig does give you access to a great fanbase, and you still have most of your summers off to pursue some other things almost like a vacation.

In case you missed it from earlier this week, there is one sneak peek that you can watch here from the “NCIS” season 11 premiere that features none other than Perrette’s Abby engaging in an important moment with Mark Harmon’s Gibbs.

Photo: CBS

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