‘Downton Abbey’ season 4, episode 1 spoilers: Laura Carmichael on Edith’s rebellious side

The latest -So far, a great deal of “Downton Abbey” thematically has revolved around one simple concept: Conforming. This is a period of time where many were bound by their class or gender, and defying against the expected could lead to a serious ostracizing. As we saw at the end of the past season, all of this happens to be even worse if you identify as a homosexual.

While Lady Edith may benefit from being of a high social standing, she is still someone expected to basically fulfill the traditional female role of her time. So to see her become a London society woman starting with tonight’s episode is certainly going to be a risk for the character; it’s an experience that Laura Carmichael enjoys shooting, but she also says (per the Mirror) that there is a major risk that her characters takes that could lead to a great deal of public scorn:

“It’s amazing that I get to dress up so much now. Our costume designer really thought about how Edith would be going to London and would see a lot of the changes in fashion.

“Edith has a rebellious moment in episode one, where she has dinner with her married boyfriend in a public restaurant, and snogs him!”

Edith’s relationship will be at an evolved place from where it was when we last saw her during the Christmas special, but the clear question worth asking now is simple: Is she in line to have her heart broken yet again? We saw what occurred with her at the end of last season, and it is very well possible that similar circumstances could befall her again if either she or her boyfriend start to succumb to pressure that is placed around them.

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