‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: A Henry / Regina mystery resolved

The latest -Have you been curious to see how the adoption of Henry came about on “Once Upon a Time”? Since the beginning of the show, this has been one of the larger loose ends when it comes to the story. Well luckily, we’re about to find out an answer.

Speaking in a chat with TVLine, co-creator Adam Horowitz reveals the good news that an hour that will feature at least part of this story is already in development; as a matter of fact, it will even air before you start to put up all of your holiday decorations:

“Before our Christmas break, we plan to show the why and the how of how baby Henry came to his new mother.”

The reason that the timing of this reveal is so important this year is that if this didn’t happen in the near future, you would otherwise be waiting an impossibly long time given that “Once Upon a Time” is divided up into halves this year. The first part of the season is set to air until the start of the holiday season, and then the second half will come back in March, after all of the various events take place that tend to mess up ABC’s scheduling. If you didn’t find out the answer before the break, you’d be waiting for such a long time that you’d feel like Belle locked up in an insane asylum.

Speaking of waiting, we’re at least thrilled to report here that you don’t have to wait any longer for a sneak peek from the season 3 premiere. Are you a big “Captain Swan” shipper? (If so, you surely know what that means already.) Click here to see a sneak peek of Hook and Emma in action, and we’ll have more leading to the premiere a week from Sunday.

Photo: ABC

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