‘Super Fun Night’ and some not-so-fun news that has us worried

Will it work? -Is ABC confident about “Super Fun Night” becoming a hit? Based on what we are hearing now, it definitely doesn’t seem like it. Instead, we’re starting to get the feeling that they believe the Rebel Wilson show is going to be a not-so-fun failure.

Exhibit A to the problems looming for the show: The reviews were mostly terrible. We rated it as one of the five worst new shows coming up, and this is even in spite of having someone like Rebel, who has some great movie roles, as the leader of the cast. Exhibit B is what is coming out now: ABC is actually going to air the second episode during the premiere rather than the pilot. Clearly, this is a sign that they are worried about the pilot not getting a good reaction, and they want to lead with something else. This is not the first time that a show has done this, and often it is because a show has something to hide. However, the only major exception is the pilot to “Firefly,” which was actually stellar and didn’t air first thanks mostly to Fox’s own ineptitude years ago.

What we will say here is that there is still promise for the show, thanks mostly to the presence of Wilson, who has a knack for physical comedy and is a likable lead. Comedies have started bad and turned out to be pretty great later, which is in our opinion what happened with “Parks and Recreation.” It’s just rare that you have a network willing to stand by them that long. Given that this show has the coveted post-“Modern Family” time slot, big things are going to be expected of it, and if it doesn’t deliver, don’t expect it to be given too much of a reprieve.

What do you think: Is “Super Fun Night” doomed? Click here if you’re looking for a more positive spin on things, this time courtesy of our list of the best pilots of the new season.

Photo: ABC

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