‘Game of Thrones’ season 4: Lena Headey treats ‘Sesame Street’ Muppet better than Sansa

The latest -We imagine that Murray on “Sesame Street” must be a long-lost member of House Lannister. After all, why in the world would Lena Headey try to even risk her social status to spend time with him publicly? Maybe he got some dirt on the Cersei – Jaime relationship … we kid. And, we digress.

The purpose of this video is seeing the “Game of Thrones” star alongside one of the PBS show’s famed Muppet characters for a new “Word of the Day” video that is all about the world “relax.” Murray apparently has a problem doing so, and since this is a children’s show and Lena cannot put anything in his wine to get him to simmer down, she has to instead try to just use the power of education (and vocabulary) to do the trick instead.

This is really rather awesome of Headey to do this, since these sort of “Sesame Street” videos are widely in demand by Sesame Workshop, mostly for the purpose of trying to convince parents to watch the show alongside their children. While most “Game of Thrones” fans may recognize Lena after a second or two, it may not be as fast as a gut reaction as what they do with some other characters on the show. Why? It’s simple: Cersei wears a wig, and Lena does not. It is the same sort of issue that happens with Emilia Clarke, who used to say that she was able to walk around in public and not be recognized. (Post Emmy nomination, we very much doubt this is still happening.)

Just how awesome do you find this video? Be sure to share below! “Game of Thrones” is in the process now of shooting its fourth season, if you click here you can find out some more information about who will be in it.

Photo: HBO

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