‘Glee’ season 5 song spoilers: Lea Michele sings ‘Yesterday’; bust out your hankies

What's next? -If you love Rachel Berry on “Glee,” then the following video is almost guaranteed to make you cry. In it, Lea Michele’s character performs “Yesterday” in a song that is set to play a big role in “Love, Love, Love,” the show’s first episode back airing on Thursday, September 26.

Now, we want to spend a second talking a little bit here about serendipity. Do we know whether or not this song was planned to be performed by Lea prior to Cory Monteith’s death? That is a mystery, but we do know that Ryan Murphy was planning this two-episode tribute to the Beatles for months before Cory passed away, and this could just be the case of a very tragic coincidence. At the time in which she sings the song, Rachel has no idea that anything has happened to Finn, as it will not be revealed until episode 3 that Finn has passed away.

It is impossible not to think about this song without having Monteith / Finn come to mind. What is ultimately the most impressive thing about the song is simply the amount of emotional fervor that it has. You really do feel what Rachel is singing about here, even if it is difficult to know where the character is drawing her emotion from given the current circumstances.

However heartbreaking this song is to listen to, we can only imagine just how much more powerful it is going to be when it actually airs on the show accompanied by some sort of video footage.

While not all of the songs for this Beatles tribute have been unveiled yet in audio form, Fox has already confirmed that Rachel has quite a journey ahead for her just in these two weeks. Click here if you want to read more on that.

Photo: Fox

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