‘Under the Dome’ season 2 spoilers: What we know so far

What's next? -Tonight, “Under the Dome” concludes what is going to hopefully be a thrilling first year on CBS with an episode that answers some but hopefully not all, questions about the dome and the people living within it. It’s certainly reasonably to expect some death to take place, just as it is also reasonable to expect that there will be some who nearly die and come out alive.

But what can you expect to see unfold next year? Based on some of the information that is already out there, we like to think of this article as a guide to some of what you’ll be seeing in the future.

1. Same dome time, same dome channel – Smartly, CBS is keeping the show in the summer, where it thrives against lesser competition. We wondered about if they would try to bump it up to improve in-season ratings, but we believe this to be the right move.

2. The same order – Once again, you are looking at 13 episodes. The great thing about this is that it allows the actors some more opportunities to do some other things.

3. Some answers right away – There is going to be a cliffhanger-of-sorts tonight, which means that the first purpose of season 2 will be trying to satisfy those desperate for more information.

4. More deviation from the book – As the story stretches on it’s going to be more and more impossible to stay completely faithful to the source material. After all, there is only so much material that can be covered there.

5. Stephen King gets involved – Speaking of the book, its author is going to pen the season 2 premiere. Excited about that? You really should be.

Want to read some more news related to “Under the Dome”? Then be sure to visit the link here, where we are also going to have our full review of the finale after it airs.

Photo: CBS

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