‘The X Factor’ UK review: Lydia Lucy, Nicholas McDonald, Kingsland rule auditions … again!

The latest news -Yesterday on “The X Factor” UK, we had what was for us the best audition-room episode of the entire year. The groups in particular were especially strong, and we had our favorite auditioning contestant of the entire season in the super-positive, super-fun Giles Potter (who was not featured today).

But, there was still the live auditions for these people to get through tonight to make it to boot camp. We’ve already seen this stage expose people who are not ready to perform in front of an audience, and there were about two or three people going into this that we assumed were going to be completely panned once they got to this phase in the competition.

Advancing acts

Souli Roots – There is still no doubt in our mind that Souli is pretty awful at what she does, but we seem to be the only person who thinks so. She has a pretty interesting strategy of just being super-energetic and crazy, and hopefully will get away with singing as little as possible. We still have no clue how she is still around, but she’s not making it past bootcamp. If she does, she will just be the joke act that gets mocked and eliminated early in the live shows.

Lydia Lucy – Lydia is basically a singing version of what many Americans think about Essex: Wild, adventurous, and very confident. How did the judges say last time that she doesn’t know who she is? We’re liking her as a talent more and more. She reminds us a little bit of a new Cher Lloyd, with a little bit of a retro feel thrown in there, as well.

Jeanette Akua – Her audition wasn’t shown, but she’s got a pretty cool story being from one the largest tribes in South Africa. She’s not as great as Lydia, but she has a ton of potential.

Rough Copy – “Little Things” is not the sort of song we ever expected from these guys, but they killed it. It was yet another reminder of the potential that the groups have this year. These guys are so versatile, and that is why they could go very far.

Stephanie Woods – The moment between Stephanie and Sharon Osbourne last night was pretty beautiful, but we have to be honest here in saying that giving her another song here was just buying time. She may make it to judges’ houses, but we just don’t see her getting to the live shows this year.

Kingsland – These guys are the top boy band in the competition so far, but they are going to have an interesting place in the market given that they are a little older than One Direction at the time of their audition, and they almost feel more like Pentatonix in that they make so much of the music into their voices.

Next of Kin – A stellar band last time, and they were pretty good this time. The only issue that we see these three having is that they come across a little cheesy sometimes, and if they want to be current in today’s business, they have to modernize.

Nicholas McDonald – Nicholas’ brother looks a little like James McDonald, no? That aside, this was a phenomenal performance that proved Gary Barlow wrong, and turned him into a contender in just a few short minutes. A great audition that puts the boys category on the map.

Failed to advance

James McDonald – The “singing bus driver” literally brought passengers to hear his audition here, which was pretty solid. The issue with him is that he is one of those guys who is pretty good at what he does, but he’s not good enough to actually go through to the live shows. This is probably why this format is a good change for the show; it keeps James from having to go further only to get his heart broken later.

Lucy McGuire – At least James was decent; she wasn’t very good at all, and we don’t get why the audience became such an angry mob.

Emily Felix – See above. This audience is insane!

Do you think the judges put through the right people? Click here if you want to read our review of last night’s episode, and we will be back with more news soon!

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