‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6: Maggie Siff on reaction to Jax / Tara premiere shocker

The latest -There were a number of terrible things that unfolded during the “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 premiere last week, but one that has understandably become somewhat overlooked due to what has gone on with the school shooting is the devastating revelation that Jax has cheated on Tara with Kim Dickens’ character. It’s certainly something that we never wanted to see, especially when you look at everything that these two have been through already.

Unfortunately, with Tara in her present situation, it’s hard to really see much of a light at the end of the tunnel. In talking about the reaction that has come out from the fanbase to this news, Maggie Siff explained in a conference call with reporters this past week not only some of the events that led up to this moment of infidelity, but why Tara is so reluctant to see Jax from within the prison walls:

“I’m glad to hear that fans were upset.  I was upset as well.  You know, I think that they’re in such a disconnected place from each other right now.  I think that at the end of season five we saw just incredible disillusionment on both their parts with the other person.  I think Jax is feeling the sting of her betrayal in terms of trying to set things up so that the kids would be given to Wendy and she was feeling the sting of his betrayal in terms of a real lack of support for her priorities in terms of getting out and getting her kids into a safe place and also some of the more violent and terrifying aspects of his nature that were revealed to her at the end of last season.

“They’re on different planes right now and she can’t even see him when she’s in prison.  What I was playing with in the premiere episode is that she’s using the time to really collect her thoughts and create a plan for herself in terms of what she’s going to do to protect herself and her kids because nobody else is going to help her, and that includes Jax.  Therefore, she can’t expose herself to him because it would be too difficult.”

There are still few characters on this show that we feel more sorry for at the moment than Tara. Is she a saint? Far from it, but the fact that she is in prison now just when it looked like she was about to get out is something that is still difficult to stomach.

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Photo: FX

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