‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 11 preview: Dexter and Deb team up

Dexter -For the first time quite possibly ever on “Dexter,” we are about to see Dexter and Deb doing something that they really should have been doing this whole time in a perfect world: Actually working together in order to take down a common foe. So who is this enemy? It is of course none other than Oliver Saxon, otherwise known as the Brain Surgeon.

In the sneak peek below, Michael C. Hall’s character tells his sister the tragic news about Dr. Vogel’s death, as he did not want her to find out about it from anyone else. Then, he informs her of what is ultimately his desire to go after Saxon to ensure that nobody else is hurt. He wants to send Harrison back to stay with Jamie, that way he will be safe for the time being. As for where Hannah McKay fits into all this … well, let’s just say that it is nice to have a scene where she is not brought up, and we are not forced to hear all about the love he has for her that we aren’t buying.

In the end, Deb tells Dexter that she wants to be the one to take him down. Therefore, she is going to head back to the force, and will do what she can to arrest him. However, she makes it clear that if she catches him, she has no intention at all of leaving him to be on anyone’s table to kill. She will do justice her way.

What do you think: Is Dexter going to be okay with Saxon going to prison, and do you think that Dexter and Deb going at him together is actually the way in which this terrible guy could be caught? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, click here for another sneak peek focusing more on a showdown between Dexter and the man otherwise known as the Brain Surgeon.

Photo: Showtime

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