‘Top Chef Masters’ review: The final four, and another favorite falls

Top Chef Masters -Another episode passes on “Top Chef Masters,” and we have the field narrowed down yet again with another chef out the door. Given that we were at the final five at the start of this episode, it was pretty clear just by a sheer process of elimination that we were going to lose someone that was a serious threat to win.

That person was Sang Yoon, who seemed to be most done in by some recent stumbles, and maybe even a “Battle of the Sous Chef” twist that forced him to not be able to work with his longtime partner-in-crime Ted. Instead, he and Jennifer Jasinski ended up having to switch. Somehow, Jennifer and Ted actually ended up winning the competition, as she continues to build momentum after her elimination. This challenge was a fun one, as it involved creating great Mexican cuisine for a lucha libre sort of event in Los Angeles. There were great costumes, Douglas Keane getting in a ring, and David Burke hilariously mistaking a woman for a man.

So if we were to rank the final four contenders at this point, it would go somewhere like this:

4. Bryan Voltaggio – He may be popular with viewers, but he has yet to win a single challenge to date. He has mostly spent this season hovering in the middle of the pack instead.

3. David Burke – David has been a little bit inconsistent. He would have done a very good job at times, and then taken strange risks at others. He is still our favorite from an entertainment standpoint, though.

2. Jennifer Jasinski – If she can keep her current momentum going, this could be a great come-from-behind victory. The only thing that worries us is that she was more or less eliminated already.

1. Douglas Keane – While Jennifer has won more money, Douglas has been in the bottom the least out of anyone left. Plus, he’s won just as many challenges as Jennifer has with the only difference being that two of hers were elimination ones.

What do you think about the final four, and who are you hoping for to win? For more “Top Chef Masters” news, just be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: Bravo

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