‘Burn Notice’ series finale review: A spin-off possibility, a death, and a happy ending

What happened? -Say goodbye to an era. “Burn Notice” ended on USA Thursday night with an episode that provided just about everything that you really could have hoped. There were explosions, stunning moments, and a character who really did not make it to the end credits. Also, we had justification in some bizarre way for the narration that we have heard on the show since the beginning.

We’ll start with the tragedy, as we had to say goodbye to Madeline, Michael’s mother who ended up being quite the hero in sacrificing herself for the purpose of giving Michael enough time to earn his safety. Are we sad that she went out? Sure, but to see her say goodbye with a bang felt both perfect and appropriate for the character. She was never a victim, and she did not end that way, either.

As for things to be happy about, we for one had an opportunity to see Michael and Fiona have a happy ending of sorts with Charlie, the young nephew of Michael’s who he will someday tell the story to about the days of his life that he worked as a spy. While this was basically what everyone saw coming for the end, we really did not mind it for whatever reason. It was actually a pretty appropriate way to tie everything together.

There was still one loose end left open: Sam and Jesse not getting out of the business just yet. There has been talk about a possible spin-off for these two, and the episode left it very open that it could happen. Personally, we’ll be pulling for anything that gives us more Bruce Campbell on a regular basis.

Overall, what did you think about the “Burn Notice” finale? Were all of your questions answered in the end? Be sure to share all of your thoughts with a comment in the box below! Meanwhile, click here if you do want to read some more news related to the show.

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