‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ review: Now with a samurai sword

The latest -We love “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” but every now and then there is an episode that despite a good premise, never really goes anywhere or builds to a point where it’s that funny. Last night’s “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot” was one of those. For one, this was a subject that was first covered way back in 2005, and it felt a little tired, even if the gun control debate now is way more substantial than it was at this point many years ago.

The biggest issue with this hour as a whole is that there just weren’t that many laughs. Seeing Mac and Charlie try to fight for more guns as a means of “protection” was somewhat entertaining, but there really was no payoff for it when the main crux of their “education” class with children ended with the main events happening off-camera and then simply acting afraid outside of Paddy’s Pub.

Meanwhile Dennis and Dee’s attempts to actually acquire a weapon was somewhat better, at least from the standpoint of actually trying to show how difficult picking up a firearm can be. It also produced the night’s undisputed top moment in our mind, where Dennis pays $1,500 for a gun, tells the seller to put it in the trunk, and he just decides instead to walk away with the gun and the money, knowing full well nobody is going to stop him. The best moments on this show are often the ones that are very simple.

All of that was sparked by Frank going on TV and talking about gun control, when in truth he really didn’t care at all and was only doing his pro-gun speeches for business reasons. This is hardly the first time that a Frank “shocker” has closed an episode, but there have been ones that are significantly better than this.

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