‘Basketball Wives’ season 5, episode 4 review: Evelyn Lozada battles the rumors

Evelyn LozadaAfter spending much of the first part of “Basketball Wives” season 5 dealing with a football player in Chad Johnson, we almost feel like the new episode that aired on VH1 tonight was a way for the show to take a few deep breaths, reflect on everything that has happened, and then say that they are beyond that so that they can move forward.

After all, this was the episode where most of the important decisions were seemingly made in regards to Evelyn Lozada and her future. At one point, she expressed doubt about whether or not she really wanted to not be with the man she had only recently married for the rest of her life, even with the domestic violence being a part of their history. At one point, she almost blamed the media and the surrounding world for influencing her, and making her feel like any decision was wrong outside of the one they wanted.

However, she did luckily come to her senses here and realize that while she may love him, it’s just not worth it. She wants to be an example to other women that you can leave abusive relationships and move on from it. So to have this decision made and only to hear rumors that you’re back with them has to be somewhat frustrating. This was a key point of contention in the later part of the episode, and we’re really hoping that regardless of if we are talking about Shaunie or any of the other cast members, this can all be left in the past.

For the show’s sake, the past is where this story almost needs to go, since the tales of Tami, Shaunie and Suzie pale in comparison. There just isn’t any way to focus on them while we’re dealing with Evelyn, and four episodes feels like the right time to take a step forward into what the rest of the season can be about.

Overall, what did you think about this “Basketball Wives” episode? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and be sure to click here if you want to read even more news when it comes to the series.

Photo: VH1

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