‘The Amazing Race Canada’ review: Did an unfair challenge pave the way for strange finale?

What happened? -Tonight’s episode of “The Amazing Race Canada” was exciting at times, and while the hour may have started off with us feeling very frustrated about having to deal with another potentially-unfair challenge, we probably felt even more frustrated with the very end of it.

Basically, we were front and center with the most-unfair challenge of all time, where we saw teams basically just take advantage of who they were in order to get money. The idea was to potentially use some sort of talent; instead, we had Vanessa & Celina capitalize solely on being young women, while Jody & Cory benefited from their story. We at least give these guys credit, since it was at least something that required more thought than just relying solely on looks and getting attention from local men.

So while we may complain about this challenge being unfair, we also think that if this is the way in which to win this, then Jet & Dave made a big mistake. These are two super-jacked guys. Had there been some shirtlessness, wouldn’t they have gotten more money? Dave did not take advantage of his own physique, and we’re super-bummed now that they are not going to be in the finale because of one task. We could go back and look at the story-telling / dog-carting detour, but it really didn’t matter. This leg ended up being just about one challenge, and what people are willing to do. The only reason that Tim & Tim probably advanced is because they made it to the street-busking challenge so far ahead of some of the other teams.

We are beyond sad to say goodbye to Jet & Dave, who may be our favorite racers on any season of “The Amazing Race” in years. Why? They were simply great guys: Fun-loving, entertaining, and who did not take themselves too seriously and realized that this is just a game. It’s depressing that on a season where two of the other teams advancing to the finale have had some major lucky breaks, one unlucky challenge cost them everything.

So with all this in mind, you have to consider Jody & Cory the favorites for the finale next week, since they have been the most consistent team of the bunch. But then again, this is once again going to be all about one leg … or maybe even one roadblock.

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Photo: CTV

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