‘Dexter’ season 8, episode 10 review: Charlotte Rampling shines as situation clouds

What's next? -Dexter’s” final season is one that we really want to like, and there are many components of it that we do. We’re getting closer to the Deb / Quinn conclusion that many have been hoping for years, and some of the guest stars this year have been particularly notable.

However, at the same exact time, there are so many little problems here that muck up the whole situation. For one, we’ve lost our best performer of the season now in Charlotte Rampling. Dr. Evelyn Vogel was a great, fully-realized character for the first eight or so episodes … at least until her fatal flaw was exposed. How could a woman so smart be torn asunder by her simple love of a terrible person, one who she had to know in her heart of hearts was going to kill her? Also, how could someone who was so comfortable around so killers be nervous around Saxon in the moments leading up to her death? While we do believe that someone as rational as her should have made better decisions in the end, her judgment was obviously clouded.

As heartbreaking as Evelyn’s exit was, the final moments of her life were incredible television as you could see in her face the realization that she had made a terrible mistake, and had no one to blame for it but herself.

Now, we turn to the part of this season that is frustrating: Hannah. We don’t get the chemistry, we don’t fully get the character, and we don’t get why Deb would let her stay at her house. Michael C. Hall and Yvonne Strahovski can do some great work on their own, but for whatever reason it doesn’t quite work together. Maybe we’re seeing this from a biased perspective given how we were always team Lumen for Dexter, but we just don’t see the connection here that makes it worthwhile to run away to Argentina together. Add to this the now-useless Masuka storyline, and we have a couple of elements to this story that came out of nowhere and derailed a season that was off to such a stellar start.

Overall, what was your take on tonight’s “Dexter” episode? If you want to read some more news related to the show, and also even check out a promo for next week’s episode, all you have to do is click here.

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